November 4, 2022 Budget and Performance Subcommittee Meeting

Friday, November 4, 2022

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    1. Call to Order by Chair
    2. Roll Call

      Katie Petrucione – Chair, Deputy City Administrator/CFO, City Administrator’s Office
      Cyd Harrell – Chief Digital Services Officer, City Administrator’s Office
      Sailaja Kurella – Purchaser and Director, Contract Administration
      Crispin Hollings – Chief Financial Officer, Sheriff’s Department
      Sally Ma – Analyst, Mayor’s Office
      Jason Blandon – Chief Information Officer, Public Library
      Ray Ricardo – Acting Chief Information Officer, Airport
      Todd Rydstrom – Deputy Controller, Controller’s Office
      Tajel Shah – Chief Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer-Tax Collector
      Mike Cotter – Director of Finance and Administration, Department of Human Resources
      Jillian Johnson – Director, Committee on Information Technology

    3. General Public Comment
    4. Approval of the Consent Agenda (Action Item)

      All matters listed hereunder constitute a Consent Calendar, are considered to be routine action items by the COIT Budget & Performance Subcommittee, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the Subcommittee. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the Subcommittee, the public, or staff so requests, in which event the matter shall be removed from the Consent Calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing.

      4.1 Resolution Making Findings to Allow Teleconferenced Meetings Under California Government Code Section 54953 (e)

      4.2 Approval of Meeting Minutes from April 15, 2022

    5. Department Updates & Announcements
    6. Update to the 5 Year Information Communication Technology (ICT) Plan for FY2024- 2028

      COIT Director Jillian Johnson will review the timeline for updating the 5 Year ICT Plan, discuss potential revisions to the City’s ICT goals, and inquire with the Subcommittee for potential projects to highlight in the plan.

    7. Review the COIT Budget Process for FY2023-2025

      COIT Technology Portfolio Manager Neil Dandavati to present the timeline for the FY2023-2025 COIT budget process and discuss key objectives for the application process.

    8. Adjournment

    Date & Time

    Friday, November 4, 2022
    10:00 am to 12:00 pm


    To view the online presentation, join the meeting using the link below.
    Members of the public may use email address to join the WebEx meeting if needed.
    WebEx meeting link


    Public comment call-in information

    Use access code 2488 196 1000. Dial *3 when public comment is open to signal that you would like to speak.

    Sunshine Ordinance

    Sunshine Ordinance

    San Francisco Administrative Code §67.9(a)   Agendas of meetings and any other documents on file with the clerk of the policy body, when intended for distribution to all, or a majority of all, of the members of a policy body in connection with a matter anticipated for discussion or consideration at a public meeting shall be made available to the public. To the extent possible, such documents shall also be made available through the policy body's Internet site. However, this disclosure need not include any material exempt from public disclosure under this ordinance.

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