March 21, 2023 Health Commission Meeting

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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    Members of the Health Commission will attend this meeting in-person. Members of the public are invited to observe the meeting in-person or remotely online using this Webex link found on this page. Everyone attending the meeting in person is encouraged to wear a mask throughout the meeting.

    Public comment is allowed in relation to each agenda item, and the Secretary of the Health Commission will indicate when public comment is to occur for each item when not listed on the agenda below. Each member of the public, whether attending remotely or in person, may address the Commission for up to three minutes. Members of the public attending the meeting in person will have an opportunity to provide public comment on every item. In addition to in-person public comment, the Health Commission will hear up to 20 minutes of remote public comment on each agenda item. The Health Commission will hear remote public comment on each item in the order that commenters add themselves to the queue to comment on the item. Because of the 20-minute time limit, it is possible that not every person in the queue will have an opportunity to provide remote public comment. Requests to include a maximum of 150 word written public comment in the meeting minutes can be made at Remote public comment from people who have received an accommodation due to disability, as explained on page 3 of the agenda, will not count toward the 20-minute limit. Instructions for providing remote public comment can be viewed on page 5 of the meeting agenda or below on this webpage.


    1. Agenda
    2. Health Commission Officer Elections

      No documents associated with this item.

    3. General Public Comment

      IN-PERSON PUBLIC COMMENT:  Please fill out a "Public Comment" form located outside room 300; the Health Commission Secretary will have additional forms in the hearing room. 

      REMOTE PUBLIC COMMENT CALL-IN: 415-655-0001/ Access Code:   2597 482 6201#

      Webinar Password: 432584

    4. Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Closure Plan and CMS Recertification Update
    5. Joint Conference Committee and Other Committee Reports

      There are no documents for this item.

    6. Consent Calendar
    7. LHH Policy: Revisions to the Medical Services D08-07 Laguna Honda Psychiatry Substance Treatment and Recovery Services (STARS) Policy
    8. Approval of the March 7, 2023 Minutes
    9. Directors Report
    10. Other Business

      There are no documents for this item.

    11. Closed Session

      There are no documents for this item.

    12. Adjournment

      There are no documents for this item.

    Date & Time

    Tuesday, March 21, 2023
    4:00 pm

    Health Commission

    101 Grove Street
    Room 300
    San Francisco, CA 94102
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    If you have trouble viewing the meeting on SFGovTV, see link on page 5 of the agenda.
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    Public Comment Call-in Information:

    Access Code: 2597 482 6201#
    Webinar Password: 432584
    Instructions for public comment are located on page 5 of the agenda.
    (Note: Instructions for remote public comment have changed. )

    Video - Health Commission meeting 32123

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