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You can get voting materials and ask for help in your language.

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In-person help

Many election workers are bilingual. You can always call, email, or speak with one us in person in your language. If none of us speaks your language, we can also communicate via interpreter in over 200 languages.

At in-person voting sites, our poll workers wear nametags with the languages they speak.


We offer official bilingual ballots in English and Chinese, Spanish, or Filipino.

About a month before Election Day, we will mail you a ballot in the language of your choice. To submit your language choice, use our Voter Portal

You can also get the ballot in the language of your choice through the accessible vote-by-mail system or by asking a poll worker at any voting site.

Voter Information Pamphlets

We offer the local Voter Information Pamphlet in Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino. This pamphlet includes non-partisan election information and a sample ballot. We can mail you an English copy as well as a copy in the language of your choice. To submit your language choice, use our Voter Portal. You can also find Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino pamphlets at all in-person voting sites.

You can read or request the state voter guide in many languages at the Secretary of State’s website.

Reference ballots

We offer reference ballots in Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Burmese at every polling place. You can refer to it while marking your official ballot. To receive a reference ballot by mail or email, use our Voter Portal. You can also ask a poll worker at a voting site. 

Language Accessibility Advisory Committee

This Committee works to make voting easier for those who do not speak English. To join this group, visit the Join Advisory Committees page.

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Last updated January 5, 2024