Zoning for businesses

Before you commit to a location, every location has zoning laws defining where you can or can’t legally operate a business. The SF Planning Department enforces these zoning regulations (called the Planning Code), reviews projects and proposals for compliance, and issues certain permits.

Zoning check

At the Permit Center

The best way to check zoning is in person at the Permit Center. Small Business permit specialists can help you understand the zoning and permitting required for any space you're considering.

Find My Zoning

The SF Planning Department’s Find My Zoning page provides detailed information on zoning rules, how they apply to your business, and how you can follow them. 

Property Information Map

The Planning Department’s online Property Information Map allows you to see what codes apply to your property and what permits may have been issued on your property in the past.

Planning Information Center (PIC) 

Professional planners are available at an information desk in the Planning Department every weekday to answer questions about permits, zoning and land use, neighborhood and area plans, and more. You can email, call, or visit them in person at the Planning Information Center.

Featured Resource

CB3P Community Business Priority Processing Program

The CB3P streamlines the Conditional Use process for certain small and mid-sized business applications. Projects that qualify for, and enroll in, the CB3P are guaranteed (1) a hearing date within 90 days of filing and (2) placement on the Planning Commission’s consent calendar.

Last updated January 27, 2023