Writing the project summary for a Community Challenge Grant

What to include in the project narrative.

The project description should be 12 pages or fewer. All sections are required.

Attach photos, maps, and designs or drawings of the project.

Summary (about 200 words)

Provide a short overview of the proposed project including:

  • The goal of the project
  • Why it's needed 
  • The communities, groups, and organizations involved

We may use this summary on the CCG website, in reports, or in other public documents. 

Design and impacts (about 2000 words)

Present a thoughtful and realistic project design that includes:

  • Where the project will be
  • How your organization developed the design
  • How you involved the community involved in the design process
  • 2 of the projects core goals
  • Any permits you'll need and how they affect the timeline
  • Project timeline 
  • Major project milestones
  • How the project will affect the community

Community engagement (about 500 words)

Describe why the community needs this project. Show that community members support it. Be sure to include:

  • The community needs that the project will meet
  • How you identified these needs
  • The data you have to show these needs 
  • Which diverse and under-served communities the project will serve
  • How community members will take part during and after the project
  • How you will manage and document participation
  • Other community stakeholders and partners

Racial equity

Tell us how you plan to include communities of color, including:

  • Outreach and engagement strategies 
  • Opportunities to participate
  • How people of color who own local businesses will benefit
  • Other strategies the project will use to address racial equity

Capacity (about 300 words)

Tell us about your ability to complete and maintain the project, including:

  • Your organization's role
  • Any resources you'll use to increase the project's success 
  • The project lead, project staff, and their related experience
  • Any projects the team has done that are similar in size 
  • What makes your organization qualified to do this project
  • How your organization shows its commitment to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion
Last updated October 4, 2022