What is a whistleblower report?

Learn about the types of complaints you can file under San Francisco's Whistleblower Program.

What to report

The San Francisco Charter authorizes the Whistleblower Program to investigate the following reports:

Misuse of City funds

Using City funds for purposes not expressly authorized by the City's:

  • Budget
  • Accounting procedures
  • Contract or grant terms

Obtaining City funds through false statements or other improper means.


  • Using City funds to benefit a private individual or private interest

  • Using City equipment, supplies, paid staff time, or other resources for personal purposes

Improper activities by government officers and employees

Any illegal activity by a City employee while performing their official duties.


  • Creating a false impression of an organization's efficiency and effectiveness through misrepresentation.
  • Dishonest actions that result in misuse of City funds or poor service delivery
  • Reimbursement of expenses without documentation showing it was for an authorized purpose.

Deficiencies in the quality and delivery of government services

Poor performance of a service or the failure to perform a service required by law, policy, or contract or grant.


  • Non-delivery, or incomplete delivery, of contractually required goods.
  • Non-performance, or inadequate performance, of contractually required services.

Wasteful and inefficient city government practices

Practices that result in the unnecessary spending of City funds. Waste may, but does not always, involve private use or personal gain.


  • Buying unneeded supplies or equipment.
  • Failing to reuse or recycle major resources or reduce waste.

Other reports

If your complaint concerns a matter not listed here, please visit our "other complaint types" page for more information.
Learn more about other complaint types.

Last updated July 28, 2022