What is entertainment?

Know what kinds of activities are considered entertainment according to our rules.

How do we define “entertainment”?


The Police Code defines “Entertainment” as the following:

  • Any act, play, review, pantomime, scene, song, dance act, song and dance act, or poetry recitation, conducted in or upon any premises to which patrons or members are admitted;
  • The playing or use of any instrument capable of producing or used to produce musical or percussion sounds, including, but not limited to, reed, brass, percussion, or string-like instruments, or karaoke, or recorded music presented by a live disc jockey on the premises;
  • A fashion or style show;
  • The act of any female entertainer, while visible to any customer, who exposes the breast or employs any device or covering which is intended to simulate the breast, or wears any type of clothing so that the breast may be observed.
Last updated July 28, 2022