What to do with an Eviction Notice

Learn about your options with evictions.

What to do

Speak with a counselor

Evictions are complicated. While it is highly recommended that you speak with an attorney you can start by speaking with a Rent Board counselor at 415-252-4600 for general information.

Keep all your documents

Regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, evidence will be important.

You are encouraged to keep any papers that might be useful as evidence. You may also wish to take photos or screenshots of anything that may be helpful.

If you have a lot of evidence you may want to write a short summary of what has happened.

Get help from a community partner

You may need help from one of our community partners.

There are many forms of help. Counseling may be helpful in some circumstances. Legal advice may be needed in others. If mediation is an option then that can be a great choice.

Speak with one of our counselors and they can walk you through what organization may be the appropriate referral for you.

If you receive an Unlawful Detainer you should immediately contact the Eviction Defense Collaborative at 415-659-9184.

The Unlawful Detainer
Last updated September 28, 2023