Transitional Aged Youth Housing (TAY)

TAY are young adults, ages 18-24 (and ages 25 to 27, for those currently experiencing homelessness), who are transitioning from public systems, like foster care, and are at risk of not making a successful transition to adulthood.

Find available resources, including housing and supportive services for TAY

The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) offers Coordinated Entry for Youth at community Access Points. These Access Points provide Problem Solving, assessment, prioritization, and referral to housing and other community services for San Francisco youth experiencing homelessness. For more information, please visit the HSH Youth Coordinated Entry website.

Read about the role of MOHCD with respect to helping TAY.

MOHCD partners with other City agencies, including HSH, to finance supportive housing units for TAY, including buildings where a portion of units are set aside for TAY households with onsite supportive services.

Many of these TAY units are supported by operating subsidies, such as the City’s Local Operating Subsidy Program (LOSP), which is jointly administered by MOHCD and HSH. This program sizes the rent at 30% of household income.

Find the number of TAY units in the City that are funded or monitored through MOHCD.

Please view the MOHCD Annual Progress Report. Note that the TAY units listed in the annual progress report are apartments financed by MOHCD and OCII and do not include TAY reserved units with capital or lease financing provided by HSH such as at singe-room-occupancy (“SRO”) buildings.

Last updated September 26, 2022