TGNCI community building and support

Transgender, gender non-conforming & intersex (TGNCI) groups that build and support the community and educate about TGNCI issues.

Community United Against Violence (CUAV)

Founded in 1979, CUAV works to build the power of LGBTQ communities to transform violence and oppression by supporting the healing and leadership of those impacted by abuse and mobilize our broader communities to replace cycles of trauma with cycles of safety and liberation. We mobilize our members to participate in campaigns led by our coalition partners.

  • Serves: Community, victims of abuse
  • Additional Languages: Spanish


Gender and Sexualities Alliance Network (GSA)

GSA Network is a next-generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains queer, trans, and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize an intersectional movement for safer schools and healthier communities. The Oakland branch, TRUTH, is a youth-led program for trans and gender non-conforming young people to build public understanding, empathy, and a movement for liberation through storytelling and media organizing

  • Serves: LGBTQIA+ community


Getting Out & Staying Out

Guide to San Francisco resources for people leaving jails and prisons. Includes guide to services for cis and trans women.

  • Serves: Individuals returning to San Francisco after incarceration
  • Additional Languages: Many listed organizations support Spanish speakers


LYRIC - School-Based Initiative

Established in 2011, LYRIC’s School-Based Initiative is a model of bringing LYRIC’s 30 years of expertise with LGBTQQ youth directly into SFUSD school communities. LYRIC helps to educate and build allyship among students, school staff, and families to create learning environments where LGBTQQ youth can be successful and truly thrive.

  • Serves: Participating SFUSD school communities
  • Additional Languages: Spanish, Chinese


TGI Justice Project

TGI Justice Project is a group of transgender, gender variant, and intersex people – inside and outside of prisons, jails, and detention centers – creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom.

Specific services include visitation teams, grassroots re-entry program, newsletter, and advocate organizing.

  • Serves: Low-income transgender women of color and families who are currently incarcerated, have been formerly incarcerated, or victims of police abuse


The Transgender District

Founded in 2017, The Transgender District (formerly known as The Compton’s Transgender Cultural District) is the first legally recognized transgender district in the world. Named after the first documented uprising of transgender and queer people in United States history, the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots of 1966, the district encompasses 6 blocks in the southeastern Tenderloin and crosses over Market Street to include two blocks of 6th street.

  • Serves: Transgender people in the Tenderloin district
Last updated September 27, 2023