San Francisco Bicycle Strategy

Helping San Francisco promote safe, appealing transit by bicycle.

SFMTA Bicycle Strategy

Why bicycling?

Bicycling is a low-emissions, equitable, efficient, affordable, and healthy transportation option.

People have used bicycles for transportation in San Francisco for over 130 years.

San Francisco has an ideal climate for bicycling: temperate, no ice or snow, and a long dry season.


In 2019, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution declaring a climate emergency.

Transportation causes 41% of all greenhouse gas emissions in California.

Bicycling is an immediate solution to climate change.

Bicycling creates safer communities and help local economies. Bicycling makes neighborhoods more livable.

San Franciscans bike often

The SFMTA estimates that San Franciscans make 128,000 bicycle trips a day. 16% of San Franciscans are "frequent cyclists" who bike 2 or more days a week.

Commuting daily by bicycle can save households an estimated $8000 a year, according to AARP.


San Francisco's infrastructure, level of development, and traffic are the biggest safety challenges for bikers.

Most routes through the City are hilly.

Bicycles must compete for street space with cars, buses, and light rail.

Last updated May 19, 2022