Rent relief resources

Connect with a community-based organization for SF ERAP application support, tenant-based voucher support, housing counseling, and eviction prevention legal services.

If you have experienced a recent financial hardship and need one-time help with back rent or need help with a security deposit, visit the SF ERAP online application to see if you are eligible to apply. Financial assistance is available only to households most at risk of housing loss or homelessness. Funding is limited and SF ERAP will not be able to serve every household that meets minimum eligibility criteria.

Learn more about SF ERAP’s by visiting the program webpage. Review the SF ERAP Program Rules or Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need help negotiating a payment plan with your landlord, you or your landlord may contact the Bar Association of San Francisco’s CIS Program at (415) 782-8940 or

If you receive eviction documents, immediately seek legal help from the Eviction Defense Collaborative (EDC) at (415) 659-9184 or, or visit EDC at 972 Mission St., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, 10-11:30 am and 1-2:30 pm.

If you need advice about your specific situation, contact the Rent Board, a mediator, a tenant counselor, or another resource listed under our community partners page. All these services are available at no cost.

Get help with a pending eviction

If you are a tenant who has received eviction court papers, call, email, or visit Eviction Defense Collaborative IMMEDIATELY for free legal help.

Get help with your pending SF ERAP application

If you have questions about your SF ERAP application, you may contact the SF ERAP Helpline at (415) 653-5744 or For help applying, contact a community partner listed below.

Get help from a tenant counselor

If you've received an eviction notice or need help with other tenant-landlord matters, please contact a counseling organization.

Get housing counseling for residential hotel (SRO) tenants

Get help finding a roommate

Get small claims legal help

If you have received small claims court papers for COVID-19 rental debt, speak with an attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid's Rent Debt Legal Clinic.

Get help if you're a landlord

Last updated April 30, 2024