Rent Board Statistics and Reports

Find statistics and reports on Evictions, Buyout Agreements, and other Rent Board filings here

Annual Eviction Reports

The Annual Eviction Report is submitted to the Board of Supervisors every year and reflects eviction notices filed with the department from March thru February. This includes the pdf versions of past years as well as the current year. Find a list of Annual Eviction Reports here. 

Please note that information about eviction notices for specific properties is not included in the Annual Eviction Report.  Information about specific notices can be obtained by calling our counseling line at 415-252-4600 during weekday counseling hours (09:00 AM - noon and 1:00-4:00 PM).

Annual Buyout Agreements Reports

The Annual Report on Buyout Agreements is submitted to the Board of Supervisors every year and reflects the number of filings under the Buyout Ordinance (Ordinance Section 37.9E) for each calendar year.  The first annual report covers the period from March 7, 2015, when the Buyout Ordinance went into effect, through December 31, 2015. Find a list of Annual Buyout Agreement Reports here. 

Information about specific Buyout Agreements filed with the Rent Board, including the amounts and the number of tenants, can be viewed by visiting the City's Buyout Data page.

Annual Statistical Reports

The Annual Statistical Report shows major trends and includes historical data charts. Find a list of Annual Statistical Reports here. 

Monthly Statistical Reports (Current and Historical)

Security Camera Annual Surveillance Reports

For each technology which receives Board of Supervisor approval, City departments are required to complete an Annual Surveillance Report every year after the date of approval. Find the Rent Board's yearly reports here

Last updated March 29, 2023