QLess Guide

The Permit Center uses a virtual queueing system called QLess so that customers no longer have to wait in a physical line.

What is QLess?

QLess allows you to join a virtual queue at the Permit Center and requires a cell phone in order to send you automated texts. The texts will let you know when it is your turn at a station. 

You can freely leave the building during longer wait times and come back to the building closer to your turn. You are also able to check on your place in line, add time if needed and leave the line all through text messaging.

If you do not have a cell phone, you can still get checked into QLess, however you will need to monitor the TV displays to determine your place in line or where to head  when it is your turn.

How to Get Started

  1. To join a queue, enter your name, cell phone number and select the appropriate queue you would like to join. You may only join one queue at a time.

  2. You will receive two automated text messages upon joining a queue. The text messages will confirm which queue you are waiting in and your place in line. There are also commands you can text back if you would like to leave the line or push back your wait time. You can reference all available commands below:
  3. When it is your turn at a station, you will receive a text message that states that it is your turn and to head to a station letter or number.

    An example of the text would say: “It’s your turn in the (Queue Name)  line! Please go to  (Station letter or number)  . Thanks for waiting! Need more time, reply with ‘M’.” You will then head to the station and see the department representative that is ready to serve you.

  4. If you miss your turn at a station, you have up to 10 minutes to rejoin the queue by replying “J” to your text message. If you miss that time period, you can head to a Permit Center Team help desk and be added back into the queue again.

  5. When you are finished with service at a station, the counter staff can transfer you to the next department on the routing slip. If you do not need to be transferred to another queue, your service will end there.

QLess SMS Text Commands

C - Cancel (appointment) (removes customer from all lines)

H - Help to get help and also these commands

J - to join the line

L - Leave the line (removes customer from all lines)

M- need more time (M15, M20, M30 etc... for 15, 20, or 30 more minutes)

S- Status update

W- switch to voice call updates or back to SMS

*** You may opt out of text messages by replying STOP to a QLess message. To opt back into QLess messaging, you can text START to a previous QLess message or text START to 203-446-5101.

Please feel free to approach a Permit Center Customer Service Representative if you have any questions or difficulties with the queuing system. We're here to help.

Email: permitcenter@sfgov.org

Last updated December 2, 2021