Photography and filming in the San Francisco Law Library

Photography and Filming in the Library

It is the San Francisco Law Library’s most significant priority to provide library services to the community in accordance with the values described in the Library’s Mission Statement, and to enable Library users to use those services while having a safe experience at the Library.

Professional or unauthorized photography or filming of the library facility, staff or patrons without expressed permission of Library management is prohibited. Photography of any patron without their expressed permission/consent, or the permission of their legal parent/guardian (minors) is prohibited.

Amateur photography designed to record a visit or make use of the library setting as a backdrop is generally permitted, provided that such activity avoids capturing identifiable likenesses of individuals without their permission and does not cause a nuisance to other patrons.

Any person filming or photographing on library premises is solely responsible for gaining all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are filmed or photographed.

Library staff may terminate any photography or film session that appears to compromise public safety and security.

Last updated November 9, 2022