Patronize Legacy Businesses

City Departments are encouraged to patronize Legacy Businesses. Below is a list of Legacy Businesses that are compliant Suppliers with the City and County of San Francisco and are able to do business with the City.


EROS aka Brazen Garage Squad LLC (Supplier ID 0000024073)


Animal Care

The Animal Company (Supplier 0000038972)

VIP Grooming (Supplier 0000038532)


Art Gallery / Art Consulting / Public Art

Creativity Explored (Supplier ID 0000022107)

The Lab aka The Lab SF (Supplier ID 0000009693)

Precita Eyes Muralists Association, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000012928)

San Francisco Women Artists (Supplier ID 0000011496)


Arts / Crafts / Hobbies

F. Dorian (Supplier ID 0000042762)

FLAX art & design (Supplier ID 0000020108)

Friends of SCRAP, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000019872)

Paper Tree (Supplier ID 0000042512)

Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery (Supplier ID 0000011885)


Automotive / Motorcycle

California Choppers (Supplier ID 0000042182)

Faxon Garage (Supplier ID 0000048455)

Twin Peaks Auto Care aka Twin Peaks Petroleum, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000029646)



Boudin Bakery aka Andre Boudin Bakeries Inc. (Supplier ID 0000025431)

Cinderella Bakery & Cafe aka Cinderella Bakery Inc. (Supplier ID 0000028426)

Noe Valley Bakery (Supplier ID 0000038077)

Schubert's Bakery (Supplier ID 0000042002)


Bar / Entertainment Venue

Analytical Psychology Club of SF (Supplier ID 0000027993)

Bimbo's 365 Club (Supplier ID 0000048524)

Butter (Supplier ID 0000042470)

Doc's Clock (Supplier ID 0000021282)

El Rio aka El Rio Your Dive (Supplier ID 0000030599)

Finnegans Wake (Supplier ID 0000047419)

Gino and Carlo (Supplier ID 0000030724)

Great American Music Hall (Supplier ID 0000029659)

Lone Star Saloon aka Bear Trap LSSF (Supplier ID 0000024503)

Make Out Room (Supplier ID 0000046350)

Moby Dick (Supplier ID 0000014891)

SF Eagle (Supplier ID 0000046995)

Specs' 12 Adler Museum Cafe (Supplier ID 0000010647)

Zeitgeist (Supplier ID 0000012447) - EQUAL BENEFITS CURRENTLY PENDING


Beer / Wine / Liquor 

California Wine Merchant (Supplier ID 0000038083)

The Jug Shop (Supplier ID 0000036885)



Ocean Cyclery (Supplier ID 0000037009)


Books / Comics / Media

The Booksmith aka Haight Booksmith LLC (Supplier ID 0000019109)

Books Inc. (Supplier ID 0000022448)

City Lights Booksellers and Publishers (Supplier ID 0000028002)

Comix Experience (Supplier ID 0000048188)

Green Apple Books (Supplier ID 0000019277)



See "Restaurant / Catering / Grocery Store / Delicatessen"


Child Care

Nihonmachi Little Friends (Supplier ID 0000014248)



Ambiance aka Donkie LLC (Supplier ID 0000042856)

Cable Car Clothiers (Supplier ID 0000028255)

Dark Garden Unique Corsetry (Supplier ID 0000045162)

Golden Bear Sportswear (Supplier ID 0000019431)


Coffee / Tea / Café

Blue Danube Coffee House (Supplier ID 0000043136)

Café International (Supplier ID 0000038842)

Farley's (Supplier ID 0000048508)

Henry's House of Coffee (Supplier ID 0000018876)

Sacred Grounds Café (Supplier ID 0000009618)


Film / Video

Bay Area Video Coalition, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000024597)


Flower Shop / Garden Center

Flowercraft aka Floorcraft (Supplier ID 0000020092)


Food Wholesale, Production, and Distribution

Golden Gate Fortune Cookies (Supplier ID 0000048471)

Mon Sing Noodle Co. (Supplier ID 0000048481)

Project Open Hand (Supplier ID 0000012810)

SF Market aka San Francisco Market Corporation (Supplier ID 0000029709)

Tin Wah Noodle Co. (Supplier ID 0000042004)

Veritable Vegetable (Supplier ID 0000008703)


Games / Toys

Jeffrey's Toys (Supplier ID 0000038446)


Grocery Store / Delicatessen 

See "Restaurant / Catering / Grocery Store / Delicatessen"


Hair Salon

Ocean Hair Design (Supplier 0000038243)



Brownies Hardware aka Creative Paint (Supplier ID 0000022117)

Center Hardware & Supply Co. (Supplier ID 0000023145)

Cliff’s Variety (Supplier ID 0000048242)

Cole Hardware (Supplier ID 0000022587)

Great Wall Hardware (Supplier ID 0000019284)


Health and Wellness / Gym / Gymnastics

EHS Pilates (Supplier ID 0000043780)

Instituto Familiar de la Raza (Supplier ID 0000018301)

The Mindful Body (Supplier ID 0000038533)


Home Furnishings and Improvement

Armstrong Carpet and Linoleum Company (Supplier ID 0000042191)

Biordi Art Imports aka Biordi Baldini Imports (Supplier ID 0000048021)

Gilmans Kitchens and Baths (Supplier ID 0000027556)

Rebuilding Together SF (Supplier ID 0000012416)

Teevan Company (Supplier ID 0000048496)



Macchiarini Creative Design and Metalworks (Supplier ID 0000015949)



Anresco Laboratories (Supplier ID 0000041533)



Fanta Deluxe Cleaners (Supplier ID 0000048173)



AIDS Legal Referral Panel (Supplier ID 0000026066)

La Raza Centro Legal (Supplier ID 0000016682)

Legal Assistance to the Elderly (Supplier ID 0000016394)


Martial Arts

Navarro's Kenpo Karate Studio (Supplier ID 0000014432)


Medical / Dental / Optometry 

Lyon-Martin Community Health Services (Supplier ID 0000018936 - Healthright 360)

Mission Neighborhood Health Center (Supplier ID 0000014943)

San Francisco Prosthetic Orthotic Service (Supplier ID 0000011789)


Museum / Historic Preservation 

Cartoon Art Museum (Supplier ID 0000023284)

Chinese Historical Society of America (Supplier ID 0000022941)

GLBT Historical Society (Supplier ID 0000019506)

San Francisco Heritage aka San Francisco Architectural Heritage (Supplier ID 0000011636)



Babylon Burning Screen Printing, Inc. (Supplier ID 0000030441)

Image Conscious (Supplier ID 0000018494)



The Potrero View (Supplier ID 0000009638)

San Francisco Bay Times (Supplier ID 0000042471)

San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper aka San Francisco Bay View Inc. (Supplier ID 0000024554)


Real Estate

Pier 39 Limited Partnership (Supplier ID 0000013150)


Restaurant / Catering / Grocery Store / Delicatessen 

Bi-Rite Market (Supplier ID 0000024256)

Bi-Rite Catering (Supplier ID 0000024258)

Brazen Head Inc. (Supplier ID 0000027429)

The Cove on Castro aka The Cove (Supplier ID 0000048522)

Escape From New York Pizza (Supplier ID 0000020476)

Harris' Restaurant (Supplier ID 0000047104)

Joe's Ice Cream (Supplier ID 0000028054)

Knights' Catering (Supplier ID 0000016843)

La Mediterranee Fillmore (Supplier ID 0000016689)

La Mediterranee Castro (Supplier ID 0000047603)

Marcello's Pizza (Supplier ID 0000048486)

Other Avenues (Supplier ID 0000040639)

Pacific Cafe (Supplier ID 0000032744)

Pier 23 Café (Supplier ID 0000013151)

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative Inc. (Supplier ID 0000012537)

S & S Grocery (Supplier ID 0000042777)

Sam's Burgers aka Sam's (Supplier ID 0000048112)

Sam's Grill and Seafood Restaurant (Supplier ID 0000011663)

San Sun Restaurant (Supplier ID 0000047917)

St. Francis Fountain (Supplier ID 0000010587)

Ted's Market (Supplier ID 0000051184)

Tú Lan Vietnamese Restaurant (Supplier ID 0000048464)


School / Education

Academy of Ballet (Supplier ID 0000048111)

Blue Bear School of Music (Supplier ID 0000024213)

Community Music Center (Supplier ID 0000022470)

Kinmon Gakuen aka Golden Gate Institute (Supplier ID 0000042174)

Wah Mei School (Supplier ID 0000039918)


Social Services

Accion Latina (Supplier ID 0000026330)

Community Boards aka Community Board Program (Supplier ID 0000022482)

Curry Senior Center (Supplier ID 0000014142)

Donaldina Cameron House (Supplier ID 0000021238)

Mission Graduates (Supplier ID 0000014955)

Shanti Project (Supplier ID 0000011129)


Specialty Store

Dee Dee Boutique (Supplier ID 0000048261)

Elite Sport Soccer (Supplier ID 0000029825)

FTC Skateboarding (Supplier ID 0000019840)


Theater / Performing Arts / Cinema

American Conservatory Theater (Supplier ID 0000025615)

Clarion Performing Arts Center (Supplier ID 0000047767)

Dance Brigade aka Dance Mission Theater (Supplier ID 0000009750)

Joe Goode Performance Group (Supplier ID 0000017576)

Lamplighters Music Theatre (Supplier ID 0000016630)

New Conservatory Theatre Center (Supplier ID 0000009660)

Performing Arts Workshop (Supplier ID 0000013274)

Phoenix Arts Association Theatre (Supplier ID 0000013177)

Roxie Theater (Supplier ID 0000011921)



Cruisin' the Castro Walking Tours (Supplier ID 0000041195)

Red and White Fleet (Supplier ID 0000012394)

Yankee Clipper Travel (Supplier ID 0000046912)



Luxor Cab Company (Supplier ID 0000016033)



San Francisco Supply Master (Supplier 0000011508)



Gypsy Rosalie's Wigs & Vintage (Supplier ID 0000019158)

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