Office of Economic Analysis

We analyze the City's economy, and report on the economic impact of major new legislation.

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What we do

We write impact reports on legislation that could have a major effect on the city’s economy.

We track the local economy and provide updates to decision-makers and the public. See our monthly economic indicators reports.

We do special reports upon request from the Mayor or members of the Board of Supervisors. Past special reports topics have included:

How we work

Each week we review all proposed legislation introduced before the Board of Supervisors. We also review all ballot measures.

Legislation with a significant economic impact requires a full economic impact report. For each piece of legislation, we determine if a full economic impact report is needed.

We post these decisions on our report portal within one week after the item is introduced.

Our reports

Find all our reports on the Controller’s Office report portal. Subscribe to the Controller's Office reports here.

Contact us

 For questions about the report, please contact Chief Economist Ted Egan at or 415-554-7500.

For media queries, please contact Communications Manager Alyssa Sewlal at or (415) 694-3261.

For Public Information requests, please submit via San Francisco's NextRequest portal

Last updated July 26, 2023