Nightlife and Entertainment sector business development

OEWD’s NightlifeSF initiative supports the growth of San Francisco’s nightlife and entertainment industry.

What we do

We work with City and industry stakeholders to advance a strategy with the following components:

  1. Connecting San Francisco nightlife and entertainment businesses to City resources;
  2. Supporting legislative and policy developments to advance nightlife and entertainment;
  3. Advocating for the development of new nightlife and entertainment spaces and support existing spaces and venues;
  4. Building awareness of the nightlife and entertainment industry locally and among tourists; and
  5. Supporting improvements in late-night transportation.

Industry resources

A number of San Francisco industry associations and other organizations provide resources to support the growth of San Francisco's nightlife and entertainment businesses. A list of these organizations is included below.

Bay Area Brewers Guild

California Music and Culture Association

Golden Gate Restaurant Association

Hotel Council of San Francisco

San Francisco Travel Association

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

SF MusicTech

The Recording Academy – San Francisco Chapter


For information and assistance related to the Nightlife and Entertainment sector, contact Benjamin Van Houten, Business Development Manager, at or 415-554-7038.

Last updated July 12, 2022