Multifamily Securities Program Manual Exhibits

The following documents are related to the Multifamily Securities Program Manual (PDF):

Exhibit A Bond Program Contact List (PDF)

Exhibit AA Securities Data Collection Form (PDF)

Exhibit BB Sample AMR Notice (PDF)

Exhibit CC Sample Owner Compliance Form (PDF)

Exhibit D Multifamily Securities Program Issuance Term Sheet (PDF)

Exhibit DD Certificate of Compliance I Template (Word)

Exhibit E Mandatory Contracting Provisions (PDF)

Exhibit EE Certification of Compliance II Template (Word)

Exhibit F Lottery Rules for Lease Up  (PDF)

Exhibit FF Certification of Compliance Instructions (PDF)

Exhibit G Program Issuance Timeline (PDF)

Exhibit GG Certificate of Continuing Program Compliance Template (Word)

Exhibit H Issuance Timeline Part 2 (PDF)

Exhibit HH Annual Applicant Public Benefits and On Going Compliance Self Cert (Word)

Exhibit I Project Description Template (Word)

Exhibit II Annual Applicant Public Benefits & On-Going Compliance Self Cert Instructions (PDF)

Exhibit J Sample SFEC 126 (PDF)

Exhibit JJ CDLAC Completion Certification Template (Word)

Exhibit K Application for Program Financing Form (Word)

Exhibit KK City Completion Certification Template (Word)

Exhibit L Municipal Advisor Scope (Word)

Exhibit L Municipal Advisor Scope (PDF)

Exhibit LL Certification as to Commencement of Qualified Project Period Template (Word)

Exhibit M TEFRA Notice Template (Word)

Exhibit O TEFRA Hearing Minutes Template (Word)

Exhibit P Form of Tenant TEFRA Notice Template (Word)

Exhibit Q Certificate of Tenant TEFRA Notice (Word)

Exhibit R CDLAC Online Application Instructions (PDF)

Exhibit S CDLAC attachment-00a1 (PDF)

Exhibit T QRRP Performance Deposit Certification Form (PDF)

Exhibit U Issuer Verification Tax Credit Determination Letter Template (Word)

Exhibit W Form of Section 5852.1 Disclosure Form (Word)

Exhibit X Form of City Signature and Incumbency Certificate Template (Word)

Exhibit Y City Closing Invoice Template (Word)

Exhibit Z Physical File Document Inventory List (PDF)

Last updated December 19, 2022