Mental Health SF

Increases access to mental health and substance use services. Mental Health SF is focused on serving people experiencing homelessness. It includes four key components: Office of Coordinated Care, Street Crisis Response Team, Mental Health Service Center, and an expansion of new beds and facilities.

Behavioral Health Clients
“Behavioral Health Clients” by SFGH Foundation

We can change the course of someone's life

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is working to make services easily accessible and coordinated. Mental Health SF builds upon a robust system of care that includes over 400 existing mental health and substance use services and programs across the city.   

Mental Health SF increases support and care for people who have mental health and or substance use disorders. It includes four key components: the Office of Coordinated Care, the Street Crisis Response Team, the Mental Health Service Center, and an expansion of new beds and facilities.

Mental Health SF was legislated by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and is funded through the voter-supported "Our City, Our Home" (Proposition C). 

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Behavioral Health Client
“Behavioral Health Client” by SFGH Foundation

Four key components:

Street Crisis Response Team

  • Responds quickly to people experiencing crises with a trauma-informed approach. 

  • Follow-up and connect clients to services, such as treatment and housing. 

  • Teams includes one paramedic, one mental health clinician (like a psychologist or social worker) and one peer specialist (someone who has lived experience with homelessness and the mental health system).   

  • Reduces the use of law enforcement and unnecessary emergency room use.   

  • Call 911 to get their help  

  • More info here 

Residential Care and Treatment

  • Expands overnight residential treatment and care services for both long- and short-term stays.   

  • Increases residential capacity by approximately 400 overnight treatment spaces, or beds, adding to the nearly 2,200 that already exist. This represents a 20% increase in capacity.    

  • Helps people receive timely care and treatment and develops innovative models of care to target the unique needs of the community.  

  • Supports the Street Response Teams by creating more welcoming and safe spaces for people in crisis.  

  • New beds and treatment facilities include Hummingbird Valencia and SoMa Rise Center.  

  • More info here 

Office of Coordinated Care

  • Improves coordination of case management so that we can better meet the needs of our clients.  

  • Supports people to enroll and maintain healthcare benefits. 

  • Maintains a real-time inventory of programs and capacities.  

  • Operates a 24-Hour call helpline: 888-246-3333  TDD (888) 484-7200

Mental Health Service Center

  • Envisions a place where clients can access treatment and referrals.   

  • Currently, these needs are being met through the Behavioral Health Access Center and Behavioral Health Pharmacy, which include:  

    • Call 888-246-3333 (24 hours a day/7 days a week) TDD: 888-484-7200 

    • Drop-in at 1380 Howard Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm  

    • Link to services and treatment 

    • Enrollment  

  • Recent expansions to the Behavioral Health Access Center, which include: 

    • Telemedicine, deliveries, and expanded hours.  

    • More frequent medication pick-ups  

    • The Clearinghouse to distribute the free overdose reversal medication, naloxone ( ~28,000 kits/year).  

    • On-site harm reduction services such as fentanyl test strips and safe use kits.  

    • Innovative practices like microdosing of buprenorphine to respond to the increased presence of fentanyl. 

Behavioral Health Client
“Behavioral Health Client” by SFGH Foundation
Last updated March 28, 2023