Infant Formula Shortage

Feed your baby during the infant formula shortage.

How to find infant formula

Parents who get WIC benefits can get help through WIC. See if you qualify 

Prepare formula safely

Do not:

  • Water down formula, prepare formula according to package directions, unless directed by your healthcare provider
  • Make homemade formula from ingredients at the store, such as powdered cow milk or raw milk and sugar
  • Use imported formulas that are not reviewed by the FDA

If you have WIC benefits

  • Parents can get assistance with finding formula if they have WIC 

  • Get your formula early as soon as your monthly benefits load 

  • WIC now has over 100 different formula options available on the WIC card. Please check with your local WIC office, your WIC app, or here to learn more 

  • WIC can also support you if you are partially breastfeeding and help increase your breastmilk supply 

  • WIC can help you get a breast pump 

  • Get more information on the formula shortage from WIC 

Last updated June 3, 2022