How to start a video visit with your provider

If you are a SF Health Network patient, you can now do video visits with your doctor or provider. Here's how.

You can use any device

You can use a smartphone, a tablet or Ipad, or a computer with a camera to have a video visit with your provider

Internet connection

Your device will need to be connected to the internet with strong wi-fi or cellular data connection.

Here's how to get started

If you have a MyChart account login here to start your video visit.

If you do not have a MyChart account or don't know how to log in

Your SF Health Network Clinic can send you a text message or email with a link to start your video visit.

Step 1: Click on the video visit link

On the day/time of your visit, you will receive a link via text or email. Click or tap the link to launch the video visit. 

epic text message - click on the link

Step 2: Click "Allow"

You will need to allow access to your device's microphone and camera so that your healthcare provider can see and hear you.

epic screen shot, click "allow"

Step 3: Click "Join call"

You will now be connected to your provider to begin your video visit!

epic screen shot "join call here"

When you have a MyChart Account

You can get reminders for your appointments by text and by email

You can access video visits in your MyChart account 

Here's a how-to video on how to access video visits on MyChart

Frequently asked questions

Why schedule a video visit?

Video visits are a convenient way for you to meet with your healthcare provider without having to commute and wait for your appointment at the clinic.

What do I need for a video visit?

  1. A device with audio-video functions (smartphone, iPad/tablet, or computer)
  2. A stable internet connection
  3. A quiet, private space to join your video visit

How do I join a video visit?

See above for 3 simple steps it takes to join your video visit.

How to do Video Visits

Here is a brochure in English, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino to show you how to do video visits.


Here's a video telling one patient's story on how video visits improved her life.

Last updated June 22, 2023