Guidance for City staff using generative AI tools

SF AI guidelines ensure responsible use of generative AI, aligning with city policies for all personnel.

The City has released new guidance for City staff who use generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, in the course of their work. Generative AI is a new form of artificial intelligence (AI) software that can produce realistic text, images, audio, video and other media based on a prompt provided by the user. These tools use large sets of data culled from the internet to produce new content quickly. Because data from the internet can be subject to gender, racial, and political biases and inaccurate information, there is potential for AI-generated content to reproduce biases and misinformation.

Remember that you are responsible for the work you produce, and for complying with existing City policies, no matter what tools you use! Just like with all new technologies, staff should work with IT prior to using Generative AI tools in their work.

Top 3 Guidelines for using Generative AI Technology Responsibly

  1. Always fact check AI-generated content before using it
  2. Always disclose usage of Generative AI in your output
  3. Never enter sensitive information into public Generative AI tools, like ChatGPT. The information you enter can be viewed by the companies that make the tools, and in some cases, members of the public.

For more guidance and information, read the San Francisco Generative AI Guidelines or contact your IT team. The City Administrator’s Office will update the guidelines as technology, legislation, and regulations evolve.

Last updated July 2, 2024