Good Neighbor Policy

For a business with an entertainment permit, learn how to be a good neighbor to nearby residents and businesses.

1. While hosting entertainment, permit holder shall always have a staff member on site who is able to provide proof of permit, is trained in every aspect of venue operation, and is aware of all permit conditions. 


2. Permit holder is responsible for the safety and security of venue patrons and the surrounding neighborhood. The Commission approved security plan shall be followed, and permit holder shall secure the sidewalk for a 100-foot radius in all directions around the premises of the business to prevent injury to persons and/or damage to property. (See Footnote 1) Security staff shall be placed at all entrances and exits during the period from 10:00pm to such time past closing that all patrons have left the vicinity. 


3. Permit holder shall post easily visible signs outside each entrance and exit instructing patrons to: 

a) Respect the neighborhood by keeping voices low, 

b) Follow City & County of SF smoking regulations (See Footnote 2), and 

c) Obey City & County of SF anti-loitering regulations. (See Footnote 3) 


All signs and walkways shall be well lit. Sidewalks shall be kept clear for pedestrians. Cars shall not be double parked. 


4. Permit holder shall provide a phone number to all interested neighbors for immediate contact with a staff member on site who has direct authority over the premises, knowledge of all permit conditions, and shall respond in a timely manner to address concerns.


5. Permit holder shall maintain, and be prepared to verify, records at the premises of current L.E.A.D certification for all persons working at the premises. (See Footnote 4)


6. Permit holder shall maintain all entrances and exits to the building and all sidewalks within 100 feet of the premises in a clean and sanitary condition. At some point between 30 minutes after closing and 8:00am, permit holder shall walk the area within 100 feet of the property and dispose of any litter that may have been left by patrons. 


7. Permit holder shall take measures to reduce the amount of sound that escapes the venue. All doors and windows must be kept closed while hosting entertainment, unless otherwise conditioned on the permit. Permit holder shall be familiar with, and abide by, sound ordinances enforced by the Entertainment Commission, including but not limited to, the following: 

a) Regulation of Noise - Noise Limits 

   1) Commercial & Industrial Property (See Footnote 5) 

   2) Public Property (See Footnote 6) 

b) Outdoor Amplified Sound Regulations (See Footnote 7) 

c) Unnecessary Noise (See Footnote 8) 


8. Within 24 hours of any violent incident, or any time SFPD responds to a call for service at the premises, permit holder shall complete and send an incident report to (1) their SFPD District Station Permit Officer and (2) the Entertainment Commission. (See Footnote 9)



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Last updated July 26, 2022