GFTA reimbursement overview

GFTA provides award funds on a reimbursement basis. Learn what kinds of activities you can get reimbursed for.

Approved activities

Reimbursement requests must be for operating expenses that take place within San Francisco and are outlined in your funding agreement.

Operating expenses may include:

  • Net salaries (with the exception of development staff)*
  • Wages
  • Monthly rent or mortgage payments
  • Fees for event permits or insurance
  • Rental of equipment
  • Rental of halls/studios
  • Telephone, internet, or other utilities
  • Advertising and publicity expenses
  • Stationery
  • Office supplies

*Payroll is usually the biggest general operating expense. Include that and other large expense items in your reimbursement request minus salaries for fundraising or grant writing staff or contractors.

Prohibited activities

Reimbursement requests may not include personal or business-related expenses related to:

  • Meals
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Fundraising and educational activities

You may not submit requests for any costs related to fundraising, including:

  • Salaries or benefits for your Development Director (or other staff with fundraising as a primary job role)
  • Fundraising consultant fees
  • Space rental for fundraising events
  • Registration or attendance fees to attend any workshops or trainings aimed to build capacity for fundraising

Review what's new in submitting your request for grant funds

Here's what is different about asking for your​ grant money this year​:

  • You will use an online form to submit your request to get grant funds distributed to you​ instead of sending us an email

  • The online form will be sent to you in an email as a link to your personalized reimbursement form​

  • You will need to have 100% of all information, Appendix C forms, and backup documents ready to enter and upload into this online form​

Get ready to fill out the online reimbursement form

Have this checklist of items ready​ before you sit down to complete the online form

Form fields – This is the list of fields you'll fill out in the online reimbursement form:​

  • Applicant Name: The name of the Applicant who submitted the grant application is prepopulated​

  • Fiscal Sponsor Organization Name: If you have a Fiscal Sponsor, enter that organization's name​

  • Reimbursement Amount Requested – if possible, submit one reimbursement form for all of your grant funds​

  • Invoice Date from Appendix C​

  • Invoice Number from Appendix C ​

Uploads – This is the list of documents you'll need to upload into the online reimbursement form:​

  • Fully completed Appendix C​ forms

  • Supporting Documents for Reimbursement: invoices/bills, payroll registers, copies of front/back of canceled checks, receipts, bank statements, online payment receipts, other proof of payment​

Again, we encourage all grantees to submit 1 request form for 100% of funds.

Last updated June 6, 2024