Fix Lead SF for property owners

Learn about the City funding opportunity to reduce lead dangers on residential properties

Lead hurts kids.  The purpose of Fix Lead SF (Program) is to reduce the amount of lead in your building.

Eligible properties

  • Units with a child with a high blood lead level and a Notice of Violation from the Health Department to correct lead hazards


Buildings that meet all the following characteristics:

  • Residential
  • Built before 1950
  • In Zip Codes 94110, 94112, or 94124 (Other zip codes will be included in the future)
  • Has 9 or less units
  • Has at least one child living in the building who is less than 6 years old, or
  • Has at least one child who is less than 6 years old visiting often, or
  • Has families who are expecting children soon

Program services

  • Inspect the residence to verify the presence of lead in the paint and soil and to see the extent of the lead hazards
  • Remove interior lead problems that are the hardest to maintain, such as painted double-hung windows
  • Repair interior lead problems in places where removal is not possible or workable
  • Temporarily move tenants to another unit when needed to ensure safety and efficiency
  • Monitor the project progress and safety by a lead-certified professional
  • Conduct a final inspection to be sure that a unit is safe to reoccupy

Note:  The intent of the Fix Lead SF is to reduce the risk of lead poisoning in a home.  The Program will not remove all lead from the home. 

Program benefits

Reducing the amount of lead and lead hazards will result in the following benefits:

  • Decrease the chances of lead poisoning in young children.  Lead poisoning can harm their brain and nerves.  These children may have a hard time learning and paying attention in school.  They may also have behavior problems.
  • Reduce the chances of lead poisoning in property owners who do their own remodeling
  • Decrease the chances of having code violations (for example, windows painted shut)
  • Increase the likelihood of a higher property value

Program Cost

Service Cost

  • No/low cost for those units with children less than 6 years old
  • No cost for common areas in a building with at least one child less than 6 years old
  • Discount of 60% of the total cost (up to the current program maximum) for the other units

The property owner may decide the number of units that will be a part of the Fix Lead SF program.

Tenant Relocation Cost

If there’s a vacant unit within the building, the Program will ask the property owner for permission to use it.  The empty unit can house the tenants during lead work..  The Program will fix any lead problems in the vacant unit before using it.

What to expect during a project

  1. The Program will call you to answer your questions about taking part in Fix Lead SF.
  2. The Program will send a certified inspector to do an inspection of your property.  You will sign a contract with the inspector, but the Program will pay for the inspection.  You will receive a copy of the inspection report.
  3. Using the inspection results, the Program will prepare a Scope of Work for reducing lead.
  4. The Program will send out certified contractors to look at your unit(s) and prepare a bid for the work.  The Program will select the winning bid.  You will receive a copy and will have a chance to discuss it with the Program.
  5. You will sign a contract with the certified contractor, but the Program will pay for the work.
  6. The Program will coordinate the temporary move of any tenants.  The tenants may move to an empty unit in your building, a friend’s house, or a hotel paid for by the Program.  Relocation will last less than 20 days. 
  7. There will be a final Clearance Inspection at the end of the lead construction work.  This inspection will check to be sure that the units are clean and safe.  The Program will notify you once a unit has passed Clearance Inspection.
  8. The Program will notify the tenants when they can reoccupy the unit.

Property owner's responsibilities

  • Speak with your tenants about your participation in the Program.  Get an acknowledgement from those who are volunteering to be a part of the Program.
  • Give access to your property for Program activities, such as inspections.
  • Coordinate, cooperate, and respond to Program requests on time.
Last updated April 19, 2024