Find out what type of permit you need for medical waste

You fall under regulations if you generate a certain amount of medical waste each month or treat waste onsite.

To see if your business is regulated by the Hazardous Materials and Waste Program, calculate how much medical waste your business makes each month. Also, think about whether you treat waste onsite or handle waste for others.

We'll work with you on the steps to get the right permits or registration.

If you:

Create less than 200 pounds of medical waste monthly

Register as a Small Quality Generator (SQG)

Create more than 200 pounds of medical waste monthly for 12 months

Get a Large Quality Generator (LGQ) permit

Treat medical waste onsite

Get a treatment permit

Collect and arrange for the disposal of small amounts of daily medical waste

Get a Common Storage Facility (CSF) permit

Transport your own small amount of medical waste to a transfer station or common storage facility

Get a Limited Quantity Hauling Exemption (LQHE) permit

You'll be limited to no more than 20 pounds per week. You cannot transport more than 20 pounds at a time.

Last updated April 16, 2024