The Expedited Hearing Process

The Rent Board offers the possibility of expedited hearings for certain types of cases, including capital improvement petitions when the amount of the passthrough does not exceed 10% of the tenant's base rent. Expedited hearings are generally scheduled within 21 days. An abbreviated ruling called an Expedited Hearing Order is issued 10 days after the hearing. Use of the expedited hearing process requires the written consent of all parties. Stipulations as to basic facts may be required in certain cases. There is no recording made of the hearing and there is no right to appeal an Expedited Hearing Order. Parties who disagree with an Expedited Hearing Order can request that the Order be dissolved. The petitioner can then re-file the petition and use the regular hearing process.

There are special forms to use when requesting the expedited hearing process. The forms are also available at our office.

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Last updated November 9, 2022