Data publishing benefits

Sharing data with the public can help your department and the people it serves.

Reasons to publish data

Improve access to data

DataSF provides a platform so that departments can share data with each other. It also makes it easier to share data with the public. This can increase public participation and trust in government.

Inspire new ideas and services

City departments can inspire each other by sharing creative ways they have used data. Having access to data can also make it easier for the tech community to create useful civic tools.

Simplify Sunshine Requests

Open data makes it easier and quicker to respond to Sunshine Ordinance data requests. 

Change how we use, share, or consume data

Using data, we can improve our services and make decisions in how we run the government.

Administrative Code: Chapter 22D

Read San Francisco's Administrative Code goals for the City's Open Data Program.

Last updated July 18, 2023