Current on-Island construction impacts

Learn about current transit and transportation impacts associated with ongoing construction activities.

Current MUNI 25 bus route and stops

The MUNI 25-Treasure Island on-Island route and stops have changed due to construction traffic re-routing on both Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands.

See the latest MUNI 25-Treasure Island construction re-route updates from SFMTA.

Find current MUNI-25 route, stop and schedule information.

Current street closures and traffic detours - Treasure Island

Learn about permanent Treasure Island street closures and new traffic alignments effective February 13, 2023.

Current Treasure Island street closures are:

  • Avenue of Palms closed between Tradewinds Ave. and 9th Street
  • California Avenue closed between Seven Seas Ave. and Ave. N
  • Clipper Cove Way closed between Seven Seas and Ave. H
  • Ave. H closed between California Ave. and 4th St.
  • Ave. M closed between 10th St. and 13th St

Current street closures and traffic detours - Yerba Buena Island

Learn about Yerba Buena Island detours effective August 2, 2023 for all traffic traveling to and from the Bay Bridge.

Current Yerba Buena Island street closures are:

  • Treasure Island Road closed south of Macalla Road
  • Hillcrest Road closed between TI Road and Forest Road Detour Road

Current bicycle and pedestrian impacts

The bicycle/pedestrian connection between Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge Bicycle-Pedestrian Path along Treasure Island Road, Macalla Road and Southgate Road is now open 7 days a week.

Last updated September 15, 2023