Cultural Districts Article Series

An overview of the San Francisco Cultural Districts program

The Cultural Districts program, which was first established in 2018, is a place-making and place-keeping program that preserves, strengthens and promotes cultural communities. There are ten Cultural Districts located across the City, each embodying a unique cultural heritage. Cultural Districts lead a robust community engagement process and work alongside City departments to create to a legacy document and strategic plan aimed at fulfilling each District’s vision and goals. Read about it here.

How the Cultural Districts shape their communities

The city of San Francisco is built upon generations of peoples who have planted roots on unceded Ohlone land. The City and its residents realize the importance of place-making and place-keeping in ensuring that the values and traditions of these cultural communities remain in the fabric of San Francisco. The Cultural Districts use festivals and celebrations, resource fairs and activation events, educational programming, and other events to preserve and strengthen the culture of their communities. We take a closer look at examples of that work being done by some the Cultural Districts. Read about it here.

How City agencies support the Cultural Districts' goals

The Cultural Districts program is driven by the idea that solutions developed by the people most impacted by social inequities are often the most viable and impactful. To support the Cultural Districts in achieving their overall legislative purpose, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Planning Department, and Arts Commission collaborate closely with each Cultural District to develop and implement their Cultural History, Housing, and Economic Sustainability Strategies CHHESS Report. Read about it here.

Last updated March 9, 2023