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State Lobbying Services, Mayor’s Office (Event ID: SFGOV-0000008419)

The Mayor’s Office intends to select a firm to provide state legislative representation in Sacramento, California, to advocate on behalf of the City and City Departments on legislative and regulatory matters, to assist with implementation of the City’s State Legislative Agenda, and to keep the Mayor’s Office up-to-date with relevant information about State government.

How to Apply

  1. Attach all documents to one email for each proposal. Subject Line should state “State Lobbying Services, Mayor’s Office” and include your firm name.
  2. Send your complete proposal to Sarah Owens ( and Susanna Conine-Nakano ( before 5pm on July 7, 2023. Proposals received after 5pm on the due date will not be considered.
  3. Please send proposals early ensure the ability to address any unforeseen technical difficulties.
  4. Please email Sarah Owens ( and Susanna Conine-Nakano ( immediately if you are experiencing any technical difficulties.
  5. Proposers will receive an email confirmation of their submission by 5pm, on July 12, 2023.

RFP Timeline

Request for Proposals Issuance                                                                      June 2, 2023

Deadline for Questions                                                                                     June 28, 2023

Deadline to Submit Proposals                                                                          July 7, 2023

Short-Listing Notification for Oral Interviews (optional, at discretion of City)    July 19, 2023

Oral Interviews (optional, at discretion of City)                                                 July 31, 2023

Notice of Intent to Award                                                                                   August 16, 2023

Last updated July 27, 2023