Community Success Division

We provide services and supervision to probationers who have had a history of violence-related activities, property offenses or are first time in the criminal justice system.


The Community Success Division focuses on cases of all risk levels in all Districts in San Francisco. 

The probation staff is key in providing referrals to these clients to help them find an avenue out of the criminal lifestyle that has led them to be criminally justice involved. We work with community organizations such as City Wide Case Management Services and various programs throughout the City and County of San Francisco. 

Substance Use

We have dedicated staff to exclusively handle drug offenders who have had cases resulting from narcotics enforcement operations. The staff assigned to this program works closely with the San Francisco Police Department, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Children Youth and Families and the Department of Public Health to facilitate appropriate criminal justice processes that would help a probationer down the path of immediate entry into treatment to address their substance abuse issues and lifestyle.

Using evidence-based practices, we closely monitors compliance with the terms of probation, including stay away orders and conditions relating to utilization of treatment services.

Mental Health Issues

The program has staff who work non-traditional work hours in collaboration with the Behavior Health Court.

Our treatment team work with:

  • The District Attorney’s Office
  • Public Defender
  • Citywide Case Management Services
  • Department of Public Health
  • Any other service agency currently providing services to the mentally ill population in San Francisco

We use a good working knowledge of resources in San Francisco geared towards the mentally ill population and facilitates field supervision services to mentally ill probationers in this program. The staff, using evidence-based practices, will provide services to probationers who have presented themselves to have a higher level of needs in the probation system.


The DUI Program supervises probationers convicted of driving under the influence.

Probationers are court ordered to enroll in a treatment program and other court ordered obligations. Upon completion of their programs and court ordered obligations, probationers will be eligible for Earned Discharge. 

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Last updated November 30, 2023