Community services

Find services we offer to all San Franciscans, including immigrants, people with disabilities, LGBTQ communities, and animal lovers.

Call 311 for City services and to request non-emergency services
Available 24/7 via phone, web, mobile app and twitter.

Marriage services and vital records
Find the information you need to get married in San Francisco, as well as birth and death certificates (over three years)

Get immigration legal help
Learn about programs that help immigrants.

Apply for SF City ID
Get an ID card to get City services and benefits if you live in San Francisco.

Find resources for people with disabilities
Learn about ADA rights and responsibilities and other disability rights law.

Resources for the transgender community
Learn about efforts to advance equity for transgender and gender nonconforming people.

Adopt a pet
Learn what you need to adopt a new pet.

Rent space in City Hall
City Hall Events Office licenses private rentals for a wide variety of events. 

Understand SF Labor Laws
Learn about minimum wage, paid sick leave, and other labor laws.

Beautify your neighborhood
Learn about grants to fund neighborhood beautification and greening projects.

Death certificate and forensic examinations
The Medical Examiner's Office provides forensic death investigation services for the public and City agencies.

Learn more about Treasure Island
A new San Francisco neighborhood under development.


Looking for other services provided by the City? Use the search bar at the top of this page. 

Last updated November 1, 2023