Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program - Provider Trainings

Dental, Nutrition, Vision, Hearing and Development Assessment



As a benefit to CHDP Providers in San Francisco, the local CHDP Nutritionist (Registered Dietitian) is available to facilitate the following services:

  • on-site training of clinic staff on topics related to the nutrition components of the well-child exam, such as use of BMI growth charts, anticipatory guidance, and accurate weighing and measuring.
  • consultation with medical staff
  • supplying the clinic with patient education materials
  • identifying referral resources to help providers connect patients to services that promote nutrition and physical activity.

Vision, Hearing and Development Assessment

  • These trainings are offered on an "as needed" basis
  • Contact CHDP PHNs  

       Laura Sanchez, MSN, RN

       Phone: 628-217-6747


       Jesse Aguilera, MSN, RN, PHN 

       Phone: (650) 217 - 6736







Last updated February 26, 2024