Charging for Additional Occupants Prohibited

The Rent Ordinance prohibits landlords from charging more rent solely because a tenant has added an additional occupant to an existing tenancy, including a newborn child. This constitutes an unlawful rent increase, even if the lease or rental agreement specifically permits a rent increase for additional occupants. Tenants who pay additional rent for additional occupants may file a tenant petition to void the increase and obtain a refund of the overcharges.

If a landlord experiences an increase in the costs of operating the building due to additional tenants, the landlord may file a petition for a rent increase based on an increase in operating and maintenance expenses. A landlord may also file a Worksheet or Petition for Approval of a Utility Passthrough if costs for gas and electricity increase. 

To obtain a copy of the various tenant petition or landlord petition forms, you can visit the Forms Center on our website. The forms are also available at our office.


February 2019

Tags: Topic 152; Topic 254

Last updated November 9, 2022