Cannabis distribution business operations

If you transport cannabis between businesses, you must tell us how you will run your business.

We will ask you for the following information on the distributor operations form of the cannabis business application.

Storing cannabis

We will ask for the types of businesses you will store cannabis for. We will also ask how you will store and separate batches of products for other businesses.

We will ask how you will store and separate batches of product for testing.

We will also ask how you will label and package your products. This includes when and where labeling will happen in your business.

Testing your cannabis

You must test samples of your cannabis product before you can distribute them.

We will ask when you will arrange for testing after you receive a batch of cannabis product. 

We will ask you to describe your batch sampling process. This includes:

  • Checking batch size
  • Incremental sampling
  • How you will prevent employees from touching either the tested cannabis or the sampling equipment

We will also ask you to list the steps for:

  • Recording cannabis sampling on video
  • Chain of custody for tested cannabis batches
  • Actions you take after cannabis is tested

For tested samples, we will ask what you will do:

  • If a test sample fails
  • If a test sample passes
  • For trace and trace

We will also ask how you will ensure that Certificates of Analysis will stay with the cannabis batches after testing.

Last updated May 19, 2022