For businesses and nonprofits

Find contracting and grant opportunities at the Office of the City Administrator.

How to do business with the City
Learn about contracting with the City and how to become a City supplier.

Set up your cannabis business
Learn how to register your cannabis business with the City and state.

Get an entertainment permit for your business
You need a brick and mortar permit for your business if you have entertainment.

Apply for a Community Challenge Grant
Find funding for projects that improve neighborhoods.

Find funding for work that supports immigrants
Learn about grant opportunities that support immigrants, language access, and civic engagement.

Certify as Local Business Enterprise
Learn how to become a Local Business Enterprise. Certified firms may receive bid discounts or rating bonus points on City bids.

Apply for arts funding
Find funding to support artists, art organizations, parades, and festivals.

Learn about San Francisco Community Investment Fund
Get help with projects that offer community benefits in low-income neighborhoods.

Over-the-counter services at Permit Center
Get an in-person over-the-counter (OTC) permit and access services at the Permit Center.

File a fictitious business name statement
Submit through the County Clerk's Office

Last updated May 19, 2022