Add ADU details to your plan set

You must add details like street tree location to your plan sets for ADUs. See the complete list.

You must have all required details on your plan set. 

If your plans do not show these details, it will take us longer to approve your ADU.

Title sheet


  • Address and block and lot
  • Existing and proposed dwelling units
  • Existing and proposed occupancy classification
  • Existing and proposed building height, story count, and construction type

Site plan


  • Adjacent lots, and outlines for all their buildings
  • All buildings on the lot
  • The distance between the building’s existing walls, property lines, and other structures on the lot
  • The dimensions between the new unit’s walls and property lines
  • The direction of true north and project north
  • The width of the sidewalk from the front property line to the curb
  • The dimensions of usable open space, like decks, terraces and yards

If your project includes an expansion, include separate existing and proposed site plan drawings. 

If your property has a front setback, include the required front setback, with landscaping, and permeable surface.

If you are removing parking, show the curb cuts to be removed and note “remove curb cut."

If you need official City maps of sidewalks and streets for property line information, see our Key Maps.

Street trees

Show the location of existing and proposed street trees.

If you are paying the in-lieu fee instead, add that note to the plans.

Floor plan

On existing and proposed floor plans, show and label: 

  • Street names, rooms, areas, exits and egresses
  • All existing units with the label “Existing Unit”
  • Each room and space’s use in the existing unit
  • Each ADU’s unit number and square footage
  • Each ADU’s room and window dimensions
  • All plumbing fixtures (including dishwashers, clothes washers, and hose bibs)
  • Laundry and storage locations
  • Vehicle and bicycle parking dimensions and outlines
  • Gas and electrical meters
  • Trash, recycling, and compost cart locations

Trash, recycling, and compost carts must be on private property, screened from public view, and not in an exit passageway.

Building elevations

Show and label:

  • Each window dimensions, operation, material type, and fire rating
  • Windows that are next to the line openings of a property lot
  • Windows that are emergency escape and rescue openings (EEROs)
  • Include plan section detail of new windows if located on a public facing facade

If you are making exterior changes, also show and label: 

  • Existing and proposed elevations for the face of the building you're working on
  • Existing and proposed exterior materials for new or replaced doors, windows, and finish

If you are making small changes for non-public facing facades, show partial elevations of the level on which you're proposing the work.

Section plans

On separate drawings for existing and proposed sections, show and label:

  • Floor-to-ceiling heights at the level of the ADU
  • Excavation at the level of the ADU

Multi-family ADUs

Any building with more than 2 dwelling units must be reviewed by the SF Fire Department to fire safety. 

If your building will have more than 2 dwelling units after you add an ADU, show these details on your plan sets.

Site plans

Show and label:

  • The distance between the fire department connection and the nearest hydrant on your plans in feet
  • Proposed fire department connection
  • Low-pressure fire hydrants
  • Proposed fire underground service connection and backflow preventer
  • Sprinkler riser and required clearances

Floor plans

On existing and proposed floor plans show and label: 

  • Exit(s) from all units, and their route to the public way
  • All emergency escape and rescue openings (EEROs), and their route to the public way
  • The travel path from each EERO location to the public way
  • The number of exits, their widths and separations, and the common path of travel distances
  • A way to compare the number of exits required by code with existing and proposed exits
  • The main fire department access point

Fire alarms and sprinklers


  • The location of the fire alarm control unit, and the fire alarm annunciator
  • Existing and proposed fire alarm systems and area of coverage
  • Existing and proposed sprinkler system and area of coverage
Last updated May 19, 2022