About the hotel guest removal moratorium due to COVID-19

If you’ve booked your own hotel room to quarantine in, you cannot be forced to leave if you keep paying.

The Mayor’s Order

On April 14, 2020, Mayor Breed issued an Executive Order that prohibits a tourist hotel or owner/operator of tourist rooms in a residential hotel from removing guests who want to shelter in place during the current public health emergency.

How to continue staying in your room

Tell the hotel you want to continue staying in the tourist hotel.

Tell the hotel that you have either:

  • Tested positive for, contracted, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Are self-isolating or quarantining because of actual or potential exposure to COVID-19

You must agree to pay the hotel for the room, at the same rate as the hotel is charging for similar rooms at the hotel.

If you take these steps, the hotel must let you stay in the unit.

You can still be removed from your room by the hotel

You must continue following hotel rules. 

The hotel can still remove you for:

  • Unlawful activities
  • If you pose a health and safety risk to staff or other guests by failing to follow physical distancing rules
  • If the hotel has to close for reasons other than to remove a guest protected by the order

Get help

If you are forced to leave your hotel, call 628-652-2820. It is the number for the Department of Public Health Disease Containment Implementation Branch - Isolation and Quarantine Group.

About tourist hotels and tourist rooms

A tourist hotel is any building containing 6 or more guest rooms that provide accommodation to transient guests on a nightly basis or longer but less than a 30-day term.

A tourist unit is a guest room that was not occupied on September 23, 1979 by a permanent resident, or is certified as a tourist unit under local law (Administrative Code Chapter 41).

For residential hotels that contain both residential and tourist units, owners/operators must indicate to occupants whether they are staying in a tourist unit or a residential unit. Under these circumstances, letting you stay on will not convert the tourist unit into a residential unit covered by the City’s Rent Ordinance.

If an occupant is staying in a residential unit, a separate mayoral order with different protections applies.

Last updated May 19, 2022