About City Hall's exterior lighting

Learn more about the City Hall lighting program and see past lighting schedules.

Every evening at sunset, over 220 state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures light up City Hall's exterior.

Normally, soft white lights cast a beautiful glow on the full façade and dome. However, on many evenings, we use special lighting to honor or celebrate events, seasons, and holidays.

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See past and present lighting schedules and photos


Until 2016, the lights were standard incandescent bulbs. Changing their colors was expensive and time-consuming: 2-3 building staff members plus a crew of 4 lighting contractors spent hours crawling in and out of office windows and onto the rooftop to install colored theatrical gels on each of the 220 fixtures, even in bad weather. 


With the new LEDs, power use is now much lower and maintaining the fixtures is much easier. LED bulbs last as long as 20 years.

Last updated December 22, 2021