Cleanup at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

We are committed to fostering a healthy environment that supports the health of the Bayview- Hunters Point community. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, a former active U.S. Naval base, is undergoing a multi-year cleanup of toxic materials to protect the community and environment. Follow this page for updates.

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Stay safe, healthy, and informed

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
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Get cleanup updates

We provide current information on the Navy's efforts to clean-up and restore the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Read our cleanup status updates to find out the progress of the cleanup on each parcel at the Shipyard. 

Five-Year Review of shipyard cleanup

The Navy is required to complete Five-Year Reviews to evaluate if its cleanup solutions protect people and the environment. The draft Fifth Five Year Review Report (FYR) is currently available for public review and comment. The report reviews how effective the Navy's cleanup activities have been at each parcel and evaluates potential effects of sea level rise on the cleanup. Learn more about the process for public involvement in the five-year review here.  

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Learn how to protect your health

Your health and safety is our primary concern. We will provide health-related information as a resource to the public to take health protective actions. If you need medical services or have questions about your health, please contact your health care provider. 

Read our health and safety information to learn how to protect your health during the cleanup of the Shipyard. 

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Get connected

The Navy has an outreach program to give updates and information to community members. You can contact the Navy by calling the Shipyard Info Line at (415) 295-4742 or emailing Learn more about the Navy’s outreach efforts here

Here are some ways to get connected to what’s happening at the Shipyard: 

  1. Attend monthly Hunters Point Shipyard Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings. At the CAC meetings, the Navy and regulators give presentations and hear public comment. Learn more about the CAC and find out about upcoming meetings here
  2. Share comments about the draft Fifth Five Year Review Report by emailing by May 7, 2024. 
  3. Meet with Dr. Kathryn Higley, the Navy’s Community Technical Liaison for Radiological Health and Safety by calling (541) 737-0675 or emailing