Host a polling place

Help your community and earn a stipend by hosting a polling place on Election Day!

We rely on the community to provide facilities to serve as polling places on Election Day. If you have an accessible space such a garage or lobby, we may be able to use it as a polling place in the next election. Hosting a polling place is a great way to serve your community and get to know your neighbors!

Apply to be a polling place host or call us at 415-554-4551.


Site accessibility surveys

Soon after you apply to be a polling place host, we will schedule an appointment to survey your facility. If your site is accessible and spacious, our staff will add you to the list of polling place hosts. We will also explain your duties as a host. Watch a short video to learn about site accessibility surveys.  


Polling place host profiles

Once you become a host, you can log in to your polling place profile. Here, you will find an overview of what to expect before, during, and after Election Day. For example, your polling place profile will show when we will deliver equipment to your site. It will also show the team of poll workers assigned to your site.


Optional poll worker service

As a host, you can also apply to serve as a poll worker at your site. Poll workers earn a stipend between $225 and $295, which you can earn in addition to your stipend for hosting a polling place.

Get help

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Last updated April 17, 2023