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Please go to Okay To Call for information on San Francisco's Coordinated Street Responses. Click the button below.

Our approach and services

Tenderloin Housing Corporation celebrating their newest resident

Innovative shelter and housing strategies

Please go to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing's (HSH) strategic planning site to learn more about the "Home By The Bay" strategic plan.

Street Crisis Response Team

Street crisis response teams

Responding to urgent needs and addressing behavioral health, overdoses, and wellness checks.


Read more about our different street response teams here.

Three members of street crisis response team

Healthy streets operation center (HSOC)

HSOC provides a coordinated city response to unsheltered persons experiencing homelessness, individuals struggling with behavioral health needs, encampments, street cleanliness and related public safety issues to ensure San Francisco's streets are healthy for everyone.  

See our Healthy Streets dashboards here.

Group of Community Ambassadors on Mid Market

Ambassador coordination

The City works with and is tightening coordination of citywide Ambassador services, facilitates pit stops services, supports 1,000 hours a month in street cleaning, and supports the Tenderloin Initiative to keep neighborhoods safe.

Street Medicine Team

Planned outreach

Street outreach teams, like HSH's Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) work in San Francisco communities every day, helping people in the moment, building relationships, and connecting people with resources like medical care, behavioral health, case management, shelter and housing. 


Rapid responses

In May, 2023, the Department of Emergency Management, in partnership with Urban Alchemy launched the Homelessness Engagement and Response Team (HEART) to a fill a gap in street response services:  rapid responses to third-party calls to the public safety non-emergency number at the 911 Call Center and 311 related to requests for response to the needs of people experiencing homelessness.  Please click here for more information. 




Just over 4,300 people in San Francisco experience unsheltered homelessness and many face challenges with substance use disorders and mental illness. We still have a lot of work to do to get people the help they need and make our city shine. But we’re putting the pieces in place to make that happen. City departments are focused on:

  • Creating more places for people to go;
  • Expanding outreach and coordination so people get the services and placements they need; and
  • Strengthening data and transparency tracking tools to ensure that our resources are making an impact.