Have neighborhood outreach meetings

Cannabis business applicants must get feedback on their Good Neighbor Policy from their neighbors.

What to do

See what your Good Neighbor Policy needs to have. You can also create community benefits.

1. Reach out to the Office of Cannabis

We will send you a video with instructions on how to submit a Virtual Community Outreach (VCO) Strategy. This strategy must be approved before a VCO Meeting is held.

2. Set up at least 1 virtual outreach meeting

The meetings must be held virtually. Further requirements for this virtual meeting can be found in the Temporary Regulation for Virtual Community Outreach and Neighborhood Notice.

Weeknight meetings must be between 6pm and 9pm Pacific time. Weekend meetings must be between 10am and 9pm Pacific time.

Please note: the Planning Department also requires a Community Outreach meeting. Please connect with your assigned Planner after your referral to the Planning Department to discuss how to combine the meetings. There is also a link with more information at the bottom of this page.

3. Contact your district supervisor and Office of Cannabis

You must let us all know at least 72 hours before the meeting, about the meeting:

  • Date
  • Time
  • How to join the virtual meeting

We will ask you when and how you contacted us and your district supervisor.

4. Write a notice to inform your neighbors about your meeting


  • Meeting dates, times, and ways to participate
  • Copy of your Good Neighbor Policy, in English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, and Filipino
  • Other ways your neighbors can give written input on your policy
  • Name, phone number, and email address of an onsite manager of community relations

Neighbors can contact the onsite manager about the operation of your business.

If you don't have an onsite manager yet, you can still do outreach. But before you can get your permit, you must assign a staff member to do community relations. You must send another notice to your neighbors with their contact information. You must also give the Office of Cannabis their information.

You must translate your notice into Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.

Save a copy of your notice, in all languages. You will upload this to your permit application.

5. Provide your notice to your neighbors

Keep a list of your neighbors' names and addresses. You will upload the list to your permit application.

6. Keep meeting documents for your application

We will ask for:

  • Sign in sheets
  • Minutes
  • Information packets
  • Any written input your neighbors provided

Special cases

Locations that need Conditional Use Authorization

Locations that need Conditional Use Authorization

You can use these outreach materials to prepare for the Planning Commission hearing. See details in the Conditional Use Application.

Combining SF Planning outreach

Combining SF Planning outreach

You can combine both cannabis and SF Planning requirements into 1 meeting. Contact Office of Cannabis for details.

See SF Planning’s outreach requirements.

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Last updated August 8, 2023