Get immigration legal help

Find free or low-cost immigration legal services in your own language.

What to do

1. Find out what help you need

Answer a few questions about where you are and your status. We will not ask your name or save any information you give us.

If you already know what you are looking for, you can go directly to the type of immigration service you need.

2. Get a list of organizations who can help you

You’ll get a list of community based organizations that can help. You can find help in your own language from an organization near you.


For additional help, call 415-581-2360.

If you have a San Francisco connection, you can get an immigration screening, citizenship, green card, DACA, and more help for free.

Helping someone else

If you’re helping an immigrant you can print out a list of community organizations and help them make an appointment.

Why do we support immigrants?

Because we value and welcome our immigrant communities, San Francisco provides accessible and affordable immigration resources and services.

Get help

Immigrant Support Hub


OCEIA main line

Last updated June 30, 2022