Get help with rats or mice

Learn how to notice if rats and mice are in your home or business.

What to do

Keep an eye out for rats and mice

Rats and mice live wherever there are hiding places and easy access to food. You may notice rodents like these when they run from one place to another. However, rodents are secretive and are active at night, so you may need to look out for other signs.

Look for rat droppings

Droppings may be scattered. Look near pathways, feeding locations, or sheltered areas.

Notice scratches and gnaw marks

Look for scratches and sharp gnawing marks on the bottoms and corners of doors, on ledges, in corners of walls, and on stored material.

Look for dark, greasy rub marks

The rat's fur oil rubs off on painted surfaces or wooden beams, and you may notice these rub marks at the bottom of walls.

Check for tracks and tail draglines

Rats and mice may leave tracks on dusty surfaces indoors and in loose soil and mud outdoors.

If you have a complaint

If you have a complaint

Call or visit 311

For complaints, call or visit 311. If you are calling from a cell phone or outside the county, dial (415) 701-2311.

Get help

Getting rid of rodents

It can be very hard to completely eliminate rodents without help from a professional. We recommend using a pest service that licensed by the San Francisco County Agricultural Commissioner. Try to find a service that uses Integrated Pest Managment (IPM) to address all parts of the rodent problem and help you learn how to keep rats or mice from coming back.

Last updated February 8, 2024