Get help if your business was damaged by flooding

This grant is now closed.

What to do

1. Check if your business is eligible

Your business:

  • Must be registered in San Francisco
  • Suffered significant physical damages from winter storm flooding
    • Damages can date back to December 27, 2022
    • Damages from wind or power outages are not eligible
  • Must have a physical location in San Francisco
    • There must be demonstrated damage to your business location
    • Mobile businesses are not eligible
    • Home-based businesses with valid permits/licenses to operate and are open to the public/customers are eligible (for example, home-based daycare centers)
  • Can be a nonprofit if it generates revenue
  • Must have $5 million or less in gross revenue
  • Must have an average of 100 or fewer employees

2. Gather information for the application

We will ask you for:

  • Your business address 
    • You must submit a new application for each business location
  • Whether your gross revenue is $5 million or less (includes all your business locations).
    • Each location requires a separate application
  • Whether you currently have an average of 100 or fewer employees.
  • Photos to prove significant damages
    • Include photos from several different angles
    • We may request additional photos or other documentation, such as a bid from a contractor to explain the extent of the damages.
  • A completed W-9 (download a blank version of the form here)
    • The business name on your W-9 must be identical to what is listed on your tax returns

To better help you prepare, you can view the complete list of application questions

3. Apply

Please read the directions carefully before applying. Only business owners can apply.

We will ask you a few questions to check if you are eligible for the grant. If you are, you can then apply.

You must submit a complete application.

This will take about 20 minutes.

Applications are due by February 10 at 5 PM. We will let you know the status of your application by February 17.

More about this Flood Disaster Relief Grant

This program provides grants up to $2,000 or up to $5,000 to small businesses damaged by the 2022-2023 winter storms.

Business owners can use grant funds to address damages from winter storm flooding. Eligible small businesses can receive up to $5,000 if they are located in the Storm Flood Risk Zone, as defined by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). 

Staff will determine your eligible grant amount when they review your submitted application. Eligible businesses outside of the Storm Flood Risk Zone boundary can qualify for an award up to $2,000. Grants are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on fund availability.

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Last updated February 10, 2023