Get an entertainment permit for your outdoor event

The One Time Outdoor Event permit is for an outdoor event with entertainment/amplified sound.

What to do

1. See if you need a permit

You must have this permit to hold an outdoor event with entertainment or amplified sound on: 

  • a city street
  • a city sidewalk
  • private property, like a business's patio or parking lot.

Here are examples of activities that require this permit:

  • Live music like a band or DJ
  • Theater, comedy or dance performance
  • Fashion show
  • Amplified speech
  • Amplified sound without a performer, like pre-recorded music or sound on a patio
  • Film/TV screening with amplified sound

This permit is not for the following:

  • Activity on SF Recreation and Parks Department (Golden Gate Park or Dolores Park, for example), National Park Service or Presidio Trust property. Submit your request to them directly. 
  • Street performers or buskers. If you are a musician or performer, you may partner with a business to host your performance, but that business must be the one to apply for the One Time Outdoor Event permit.
  • Activity on residential property. 
  • You don’t need this permit if you already have approval to host outdoor entertainment at a permitted Place of Entertainment (POE) or Limited Live Performance (LLP) premises.

2. Get permission from whoever owns or manages the property.

That could be a:

If you are waiting to receive the City permit to use the property, you must email us copy of the approved permit at once you receive it from the City agency. The Entertainment Commission cannot issue our permit until we have received a copy of the permit to use the property. Exception for Parklets: We don't need to receive a copy of an approved Shared Spaces permit. 

3. Know what entertainment and amplified sound you will have, with the exact location and times.

For example, if you want a stage at a street fair, you will need to tell us where on the street you will have the stage. We also want to know what time the band will do a sound check and what time they will play.


Rules for amplified sound

  • You are allowed up to 6 hours per day, including soundcheck. See exceptions below. A request for amplified sound on multiple days of the week may not be approved or may be limited after permit issuance due to multiple considerations including density of existing permits, nearby sensitive receptors, and prior complaints.
  • You can’t play outdoor sound equipment before 9 am or after 10 pm. See exceptions below. 
  • You will need to follow the approved sound limit.

Requesting an exception: In some cases for a temporary event, the Entertainment Commission may allow exceptions to the number of hours and times of day/night. A hearing may be required. In your application, explain why you wish to be granted an exception and how you are conducting meaningful neighborhood outreach to any affected residents and businesses.

4. Fill out the application

In the application, you will need to agree to rules and responsibilities. You will need to give detailed responses to the security plan questions; short, one-sentence answers will not be accepted.

It will take about 30 minutes. We will send you a confirmation email and information about what to do next.

5. Pay the permit fee

Pay the fee at our payment portal

  • If you have a band, DJ, or other live entertainment, you should select the "One Time Outdoor Entertainment Permit." The permit costs $539. 
  • If you have amplified sound with no live performer (like streaming music, speeches, TV or film screening), you should select the "One Time Outdoor Amplified Sound Permit." The permit is $521 for the first 4 hours of amplified sound. After the first 4 hours, you will pay $90 per hour for each additional hour of amplified sound. 

For a business that qualifies for the City's First Year Free program, first email us to request a fee waiver at and include your business name, address, and Business Account Number (BAN). 

DISCLAIMER: The SF Entertainment Commission has the right to deny an application submitted less than 7 days before an event. Once we begin processing your application, we may not refund your fee. 

Neighborhood Outreach

  • As the Event Organizer, you should consider and address the event’s potential impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. Not only amplified sound impacts, but also increased vehicle and foot traffic, access to residences and businesses, uncollected trash and debris, public intoxication, and more.
  • The point of neighborhood outreach is to inform those who may be affected, listen to any concerns, identify any steps that can be taken to reduce potential impacts, and work with the neighborhood toward mutually beneficial outcomes. Don’t just inform them, engage them.
  • You should do meaningful outreach in advance of your event to any residents, businesses, and community organizations affected by the event. At bare minimum, we advise delivering an outreach letter door-to-door at least a 1 block (250 foot) radius from the event premises.

Neighborhood stakeholders may include:

Learn more tips and best practices about meaningful neighborhood outreach.

Note: The Entertainment Commission may in its discretion require specific neighborhood outreach activities as a part of the permit approval.

Fee waiver

If you qualify for the fee waiver, you may apply for the waiver by responding to the questions in the permit application. 

Fee Waiver Eligibility:

You can apply for a fee waiver if your event received a grant from the City and County of San Francisco; OR

You can apply for a fee waiver if you (the organizer) get some kind of public assistance or if paying the fee would not leave you enough money to live on; OR

You can apply for a fee waiver if your event is ALL of the following:

  • free 
  • open to the public
  • run by a non-profit or community group, and
  • the permit fee is more than 25% of the total budget for the event

Special cases

After hours sound

After hours sound

If you want to host outdoor amplified sound/entertainment before 9am or after 10pm, it may be possible. You may need to attend a public hearing with the Entertainment Commission. Get in touch with us early, as the process can take up to 45 days. 

An event with more than 12 days

An event with more than 12 days

A One Time Outdoor Event Permit may be used for up to 12 days per calendar year at one location. You may request 13 or more days for one location at the Entertainment Commission’s discretion. You may need to attend a public hearing with the Entertainment Commission. Get in touch with us early, as the process can take up to 45 days. 

Our Mission

The Entertainment Commission supports a thriving entertainment and nightlife culture that balances the needs of the City’s entertainment community, its audiences, and its neighbors across all district neighborhoods.

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