Find income replacement options during coronavirus

The City is making resources available for certain groups. Find out how to qualify.

What to do

Find out if you qualify

Vulnerable people

People who are over 60 or have a chronic health condition are the most vulnerable to this virus.

If you have to stay home because you are in a vulnerable population, you can use Paid Sick Leave or State of California unemployment benefits.

During the outbreak, you do not need to have a letter from your doctor to use Paid Sick Leave.


If you must stay home to care for children, including to your own children, during the Stay Home order, you can apply for these income replacement options:

Furloughed workers

If your employer closed or furloughed workers because of the Stay Home order, you may qualify for unemployment benefits from the State of California.


Get help

For furloughed workers


Worker information line

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Last updated June 30, 2022